493. How to Sell Your House in Southern California in 4 Simple Steps

Are you ready to sell your house right now? Listing with a real estate agent who places the house on the MLS is not always the best answer to sell your Southern California house. Often burdened with hurdles that prevent them from moving forward with the traditional listing process, homeowners must seek other options to … Continued


490. Five Benefits of Selling Your House for Cash in Riverside CA

We Buy Houses in Riverside, California. Are you selling your house in Riverside and the Inland Empire? Don’t want to pay commission but not interested in listing yourself? Why not examine the method of selling directly? There are a significant number of pros to consider. If you’ve never really explored working with a professional buyer, … Continued

489. Five Signs of a Bad Southern California Real Estate Agent

Overwhelmingly, real estate agents honorably perform their professional duties. However, sellers like you are just one of many when an agent focuses on the almighty dollar instead of fulfilling their fiduciary duty to you. Read on to discover five of the signs of a bad Southern California real estate agent. Trust A fiduciary relationship in … Continued